X-men: First Class

After the awful Wolverine movie, another X-men prequel, I didn’t have high hopes for this film. But it came out and had started to get good reviews, so I went in with decent expectations, and was not disappointed. Other than right near the end, which I’ll get to later, pretty much everything about the movie was good. Obviously not the best movie ever, though probably the best from this year I’ve seen, but it is possibly the best out of all the X-men films (though I don’t remember the first one so well). In this summer of super hero movies, X-men: First Class has really raised the bar and we’ll just have to see if Green Lantern or Captain America can meet it.

The movie starts off with an intro to Magnetos part of this story which we saw in the first X-men. We briefly meet the German doctor who experiments on him and who becomes extremely important later on. We then jump to a similar intro for child Professor X and his meeting Mystique. These two vignettes give a nice view into the differences in the two (Magneto and Prof. X) and the things in their childhood which cause them to end up becoming enemies. While the small amount of acting the children do is adequate, it is adult Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Prof. X (James McAvoy) who really make the movie shine. Both seem to know exactly what is motivating their characters, and portray it expertly, with the few scenes with just the two of them (if only there were more) being some of the films highlights. While none of the actors do as well as those two they all have good showing and no one really brings the movie down.

The writers did a great job, with the story flowing extremely well and there barely being any points where you get bored. The story itself does it’s job, giving a good introduction and explanation of the formation of the X-men, and why Prof. X and Magneto are fighting. But there is one point right near the end of the movie which I do feel was poorly done (skip to the next paragraph to avoid spoilers). After the Russians and Americans try to destroy the island the mutants are on we get the break between the two main characters. But it all seems to happen way too fast, with very little explanation from either side. While it’s clear to us what’s going on, you would think that Magneto would take some more time to try and convince the other mutants and that with no defence from Prof. X about why they shouldn’t leave after the people they are supposed to be working for tried to kill them that more would actually go with him. It kind of seemed like it was nothing more than an afterthought, with it happening that way for no other reason than because they needed it to. But it’s not really enough to ruin the movie, though I do wish it were done at least somewhat differently.

All in all the movie was very enjoyable, seeing as this is my only positive review so far (though I doubt anyone actually reads these things). As I said before this is by far the best movie I’ve seen this year, and it really is one that people should go see if they can.


~ by Chris Stevens on June 6, 2011.

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